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Become a Paracon Ambassador

We are constantly looking for different types of influencers to be our ambassadors. If you are an inspiring gamer with a loyal follower base, then you have reached the right place and we would love to offer you special treatment. Our main goal is branding and social exposure in connection with your name and work. The more exposure you can provide to our brand, the bigger the benefit you will get from us.

As a Paracon Ambassador you will receive free Paracon products for review and giveaways on your social channels. You will represent our brand positively in your social channels with unique content where our brand is represented and highlighted. You will generate brand awareness by interacting with your audience. Your hard work is always respected and thus rewarded with exclusive discounts on all of our products.

Trust and credibility are decisive in being an outstanding brand ambassador. Thus, we prefer applicants who, prior to applying, have a concrete network of engaging followers. 

Please send an e-mail with the subject line "Paracon Ambassador" to containing the following information to be considered: 

  • Name 
  • Age 
  • Country of resident 

Info about your Social Media channels, engagement and audience:

  • Channel IDs/links (e.g.: Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube etc.) and number of followers on each channel. 
  • How frequently do you post on your social media channels?
  • What is the engagement level on your posts? (Average number of likes and comments on a post) 
  • Who are your primary audience? 
  • What age group is your primary audience? 
  • In which countries are your primary audience located? 

And please write shortly: 

  • Why you will be a valuable ambassador for Paracon 
  • What you can do for Paracon 
  • What you expect from Paracon 

You will hear from us if we find your profile to be a match. 

All the very best with the application :-)